Sonimod, also known as "sideways domino chains" or "fast dominoes", is a relatively simple domino technique. It's name is the reverse spelling of the word "Domino" and was invented by BestPal. The technique itself was first created by mmcodomino

Building a Sonimod ChainEdit


Example of Sonimod Technique

Start with a domino on it side (Red domino in examples), and then proceed to lean a domino sideways against the red domino (Green dominoes in example). Continue with this chain in the same manner for as long as you wish.

In addition to straight lines you can do gentle curves by slightly angling each domino in the chain away from it's parent.


Another View of the sonimod technique

If you wish to resume regular domino toppling at the end of a sonimod chain, simply suspend a domino between the last domino in the sonimod chain and an upright domino (Yellow dominoes in examples). When the sonimod reaction occurs this domino will swing down and knock over the upright domino. The flat domino in the examples is optional and serves to provide better stability to the chain.

To begin the sonimod reaction, simply topple the sideways (Red) domino. This is done in the examples by the blue domino chain.