Domino Rally 1980s TV Commercial

Domino Rally 1980s TV Commercial

Original Domino Rally ad from the 80's

Domino rally action alley1

One of the original Domino Rally sets.

Domino rally is now discontinued. Beilieve it or not but 723tbones aunt worked for the packaging...... But that wasn't the reason I started building dominos. But it just was rebuted in 2012.

Original Domino RallyEdit

Domino Rally was the first company to ever manufacture dominoes and sell them to the public. It was lead by Pressman inc., and came in various sets. Such as, extreme, neon, deluxe, dino, galaxy, intermediate, and much more. They cam in a crdboard box and usually had around 100 - 500 dominoes in them, Domino Rally also had many tricks such as the bridge, loop, pivot, zig-zag, and more. But the Pressman Domino Rally discontinued in the early '90s.

Goliath EraEdit

For the fisrt time in two decades, Domino Rally came back onto television ads, and the market under a new maker. The Goliath toy company. Advertising started in late 2012, and has curently sold over $100,000,000 of sets.