This article lists the most popular sources of dominoes for professional domino toppling.

Maria LampingEdit


Some of the colors Maria Lampling offers

Maria Lamping dominoes are one of the oldest popular sources of domino stones. Presently, many domino builders complain that the quality of the stones has been on the decline. They can be purchased by email to

Mr. DominoesEdit


Robin Paul Weijers, aka Mr. Dominoes

Mr. Dominoes is a brand from the Netherlands. They are characterized by in imprinted logo on their side. They can be purchased online through their website.

Domino Express & Domino RallyEdit


Probably most popular set... Domino Express Racing.

These dominoes are created with much cheaper plastic than other dominoes and are thus not recommended for professional domino toppling. They usually come in packs with other items such as loops, zig-zag marble tracks, and a variety of other items. They can be found in many toy stores and online shops.

Bulk DominoesEdit


An assortment of Bulk Dominoes

These dominoes are quality stones produced in the USA. Steadily, they have been gaining popularity by many domino artists such as Hevesh5. Since these dominoes are produced within the North America they are far cheaper than most other alternative domino suppliers for residents of this area. They can be purchased through their online store.

Pavilion Edit

These dominoes are wooden and colored. They have dots in front, and a design on the back. They come in a plastic jar with a red lid. Some of the dominoes have tiny cracks in them, so be a bit more careful. You can find these dominoes at Toys R Us. These stones are becoming extinct due to Toys R Us going bankrupt, so try to find them on eBay too. The only known users of Pavilion dominoes are ShanesDominoes, berlagawesome (older Pavilion dominoes) and Imageny.